Attunements are glorious energetic instruments which will speed up your religious progress if used appropriately. Nevertheless, one side typically ignored with attunements is the function of attunement lineages. Extra importantly, the energetic safety penalties of getting lengthy lineages, the place your lineage accommodates and connects you with many previous practitioners. Subsequently, it is best to all the time contemplate the significance of attunements and brief lineages.

Attunements And the Importance of Short Lineages

Your attunement lineage connects you with the practitioners in your lineage, together with the attunement founder. You probably join with everybody within the attunement lineage. It’s, for that reason, important that you just all the time do your research on the attunement founder, particularly the forms of power therapeutic work they observe.

Short attunement lineages will cut back your energetic safety dangers as you join with fewer practitioners. This shouldn’t be ignored as not all founders and practitioners are of the sunshine and should use the lineage for monitoring and so forth.

The place doable, all the time select attunements with the shortest attunement lineages. The splendid attunement lineage ought to be you and the founder.

When selecting attunements, all the time attempt to buy your attunement immediately from the attunement founder if in any respect doable. This can be certain that your attunement lineage is as brief as doable and exhibits gratitude for the work they put into creating the attunement.

If You Cannot Keep away from Lengthy Attunement Lineages

Some attunements are over 100 years outdated and have lengthy attunement lineages, and it is probably not doable to simply accept the attunement from the attunement founder. In circumstances like this, it’s possible you’ll wish to make sure you nonetheless solely settle for attunements that you’ve verified to be acceptable to you and, as talked about above.

Maintain a clear intention when accepting your attunement for defense, and don’t inadvertently set an intention to attach with the lineage’s founder. Nevertheless, this may increasingly not all the time work if you already know there’s a drawback with the attunement or the attunement founder. You possibly can’t do one thing you already know will not be appropriate for you and anticipate to don’t have any penalties.

When you nonetheless wish to settle for the attunement, it’s possible you’ll wish to contemplate the Attunement Lineage Clearing Maintenance Attunement. I created this attunement with the intention of making certain that there are not any energetic safety penalties resulting from lengthy attunement lineages.


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