Shungite was found within the 1800s in Russia. The above image is Shungite mendacity in situ within the Karelia Mountains, Russia.

As a 98% type of Carbon, it has been used for the reason that early 18th century in medical therapies and to purify water. Peter the Nice arrange Russia’s first spa to utilize the water purifying properties of Shungite, which he himself had skilled. He additionally instigated the usage of Shungite within the Russian Military and the anti-bacterial properties have been examined and confirmed by fashionable science at this time. I believed this contemporary quote from the guide by A. Doronina ‘Shungite – The Stone Savior’ was very attention-grabbing:

“Shungite cures, rescues, purifies, heals, protects, normalizes, restores and even stimulates development. Superb rock: it kills and devours something that harms folks and different dwelling beings, and concentrates and restores all that’s good. The students who’ve studied Shungite in a single voice declare, it’s a miracle! “

Now that’s fairly a declare, however as fashionable science has examined and retested Shungite solely to search out that it does really do what it says on the tin, I needed to examine this mineral on an brisk stage. In the event you’d prefer to learn extra in regards to the sensible and scientific properties of Shungite please click here ~ they’re pretty thoughts blowing!

On an brisk stage, I’ve found there are FOUR completely different grades of Shungite. For ease I’ve labelled them on this weblog as:

  1. Elite Noble Shungite ~ 98% pure, tough, silvery, comparatively secure
  2. Petrovsky Shungite ~ 85% pure, tough, silvery, very brittle and sheds plenty of items
  3. Grade A Shungite ~ polished, Elite Noble Shungite from a special mining supply (there are a lot of mines within the space, which is huge)
  4. Grade B Shungite ~ tough, non silvery, matt black materials, typically powdery on the surface

Initially, the silvery, tough Shungite was referred to as ‘army’ grade because it was first found close to a army website in Russia and little or no of this grade was launched to the final marketplace for nicely over a decade. It is extremely costly and sometimes arduous to supply. The well-liked advertising and marketing title for it now’s ‘Elite Noble‘ Shungite, which was a reputation given to this Shungite to tell apart it from the decrease grade Petrovsky Shungite.

In case you are offered ‘Elite Noble’ Shungite and it arrives brittle, bits flaking off or you’ll be able to actually snap it in half, you’ve been offered the decrease grade Petrovsky as an alternative and I’d ship it again! Each the Russian wholesalers after which resellers in UK do that regularly so as to make revenue, so please solely buy from trusted sellers. I don’t promote the Petrovsky in any respect as it’s too brittle for my liking, however can simply get hold of some do you have to need to experiment with the variations.

Elite Noble Shungite is stuffed with fullerenes. In layman’s phrases (as I’m not a scientist), fullerenes are very particular type of carbon that create a hole cage of molecules. It’s these cages that seize detrimental power (EMFS) and transforms it to one thing that not results our biochemistry. It you’d prefer to know extra in regards to the experiments performed that present the scientific backing required to make these claims, please Google bioenergetics researcher Regina Martino.

Grade A Shungite is polished Elite Noble Shungite, however from a special mining supply. I feel that is purely all the way down to comfort as they mine and polish the Grade A on website. The Grade A has a a lot softer, extra light vibration than the Elite Noble grade ~ presumably as a result of condensing the crystal by means of the sprucing course of eases a number of the power.

Lastly, there may be Grade B Shungite that’s dug straight from the bottom and offered as a mineral. This has the bottom vibrational frequency because of the highest inclusion of fundamental carbon & base rock. I completely love the power of the Grade B because it feels soothing and supportive, whereas the upper grades can actually shock individuals who aren’t used to crystals as they’ll create some very robust reactions. Merely go for the Grade you’re drawn to, no matter any logical info you learn anyplace ~ your individual Greater Self and system is aware of what you want a lot better than the logical thoughts 😉

Navy/Elite Noble Grade               shungiterough2 Grade B 

Why are the completely different grades so essential? As a result of Shungite could make folks really feel unusual. It has an extremely highly effective and intensely uncommon power. In the event you went straight for the army grade, until you’ve had some expertise with crystals, it may be too overpowering. I say this as I’ve seen it occur….many instances.  I’ve even had folks stroll alongside the stand at an occasion, step again and stroll away from it the place the Shungite is after which step again nearer to the stand once more as soon as they’ve handed it. In the event you’d prefer to work with Shungite, my recommendation could be to begin sluggish, with a decrease grade and work your approach up ~ until your instinct is shouting to acquire a sure piece, by which case, belief that feeling, even when it’s the Elite Noble Grade. 

Shungite cleanses and protects like nothing I’ve ever used earlier than. It’s power races by means of the energetic system and easily destroys energetic blocks. That is additionally why it may be disconcerting for some folks ~ these blocks might need been there for a while! As soon as they’re gone, then something we’ve been avoiding, not eager to see, identified and been ignoring and so forth ~ all these issues are immediately proper in entrance of us and demand to be handled. Shungite then creates a strong power subject of safety ~ please bear in mind, this subject is usually so robust it could trigger others to step again from us. They gained’t essentially know what it’s, however they’ll really feel one thing odd and need to transfer away from it.  I really feel people who aren’t prepared for or in want of Shungite’s power would possibly need to keep away from it. Animals appear to like Shungite nonetheless, considered one of my canine particularly likes to munch on stones and appears to assume any Shungite items round the home are honest sport 😉

In the event you needed Shungite to work purely on a bodily stage, it may be programmed to take action. Shungite can assist cleanse and rejuvenate the physique. It’s incredible for boosting the immune system and clearing infections.

Place a bit of Elite Noble or Grade A Shungite subsequent to a glass of water in a single day and drink the water within the morning. That is referred to as the ‘oblique’ methodology of energising water. It is going to be resonating with Shungite’s power and assist filter and detox all the bodily physique. It’s THE finest crystal to guard us from EMFs, digital waves of power that may really feel poisonous and overwhelming, significantly in workplace environments. The ‘direct’ methodology is to put Shungite in your glass of water or water filter. Nonetheless, it’s actually not crucial until you are feeling actually drawn to take action as Shungite has a strong vibration that might cost a glass of water not directly inside half an hour.

Many individuals tape a small, flat piece of Shungite to their cell phones or tablets so as to reduce the digital power we topic ourselves to on daily basis. I additionally promote small Shungite disks particularly for this objective (they’re within the on-line store labelled Cellular Cellphone Protectors). Shungite can have varied bodily results after we first begin to work with it ~ principally complications, however some can really feel a bit spaced out or it could generally set off a filter of the digestive system.

Shungite is a tremendous crystal software ~ am not even certain its from this planet because it simply doesn’t really feel ‘earth’ certain to me, though it was most positively created by our Earth.  I’ve items scattered all through my residence to guard and maintain every little thing energetically cleansed. Coincidentally sufficient, since gridding my residence with Shungite, my household are hardly ever sick and even when we do catch one thing, it appears to peter out shortly and disappear. I can’t suggest this crystal sufficient!

Thanks for stopping by and studying my weblog. Have a beautiful day 🙂

Vibrant blessings

Krissy xxx

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