The Blissful Light Reiki attunements are highly regarded and a consumer favorite. In some ways, Blissful Light Reiki is what Blissful Light is all about; the energies purpose to honour your uniqueness, are form, loving, supportive and improve your non secular growth. The energies and construction of Blissful Light Reiki don’t have any symbols, extreme construction, and influences added over time that some extra conventional Reiki modalities could comprise. Blissful Light Reiki goals to spice up your self-confidence in working with energies to construct belief in your power therapeutic skills.

Questions And Answers About Blissful Light Reiki

Earlier than I dive in to offer questions and solutions about Blissful Light Reiki, there are some things to contemplate about power therapeutic. First, you’re a distinctive being, which implies that any experiences shall be distinctive to you – they are going to be what’s appropriate for you at that second. With this in thoughts, it’s important to not evaluate your experiences to others and previous experiences with power therapeutic and attunements.

What number of attunements does Blissful Light Reiki have?

Blissful Light Reiki has three attunements. There are three ranges, every with an attunement. I made a decision to have three attunements to permit a extra structured and constant method of working by the guide’s content material to profit these with no or minimal power therapeutic expertise.

Do I’ve to attend 21 days between accepting every Blissful Light Reiki attunement?

You do not want to attend 21 days between accepting every Blissful Light Attunement. In some conventional Reiki modalities, you wait 21 days between accepting every attunement permitting the energies to combine into every of the principle chakras. Nonetheless, I’ve discovered that the 21 days are arbitrary and pointless because the power integration tends to occur virtually instantly, though common use of the energies continues to be important.

Why does Blissful Light Reiki don’t have any symbols?

Reiki symbols signify the energies they intend to activate. Sadly, freshmen are likely to have extra issues working with symbols than the advantages they might deliver. This is because of some stress to attract or think about the image completely, draw it a particular method and in a selected sequence. This isn’t mandatory and infrequently wholly distracts you from what you need to obtain by activating the energies within the first place. Why focus and spend time and concern on getting the image appropriate when you may activate the energies together with your intention, gaining potential advantages instantly. Working with out symbols may velocity up the method of activating the energies. You might also discover that it permits broader power to activate, aside from what was outlined in a restricted method by the image.

Can I settle for all three Blissful Light Reiki attunements concurrently?

Sure, you may activate the three Blissful Light Reiki attunements concurrently. Nonetheless, I might advocate most freshmen to just accept the attunements one after the opposite with at least a day between accepting the attunements. This suggestion is to permit you to achieve expertise in accepting attunements and get a greater consciousness of the circulate of energies and capabilities every attunement could deliver.

Does Blissful Light Reiki trigger clearing detox signs?

You’re a distinctive being, so your working expertise with Blissful Light Reiki shall be distinctive to you. Nonetheless, Blissful Light Reiki is designed to not result in detox clearing symptoms. That is partly because of the excessive vibration of the energies and the intention used to create the modality.

Can I take advantage of conventional Reiki hand positions with Blissful Light Reiki?

Blissful Light Reiki makes use of your intention to activate and work with the energies. Due to this fact, particular hand positions and structured hand place placements and steps usually are not required or mandatory and usually are not included within the guide. Nonetheless, you should utilize conventional Reiki hand positions if you understand them and really feel extra snug with the construction they supply. If so, I might advocate that you simply nonetheless try to work with the energies as described within the guide to achieve as a lot expertise as potential.

Are you able to mix Blissful Light Reiki with different attunements?

You possibly can combine the energies of Blissful Light Reiki with any other attunement or energies. While you begin with Blissful Light Reiki, I might advocate that you don’t mix the energies, to start with, as it will permit you to get used to and work with the energies with extra readability; nevertheless, with extra expertise, you can begin to mix energies as you’re feeling is greatest for you.

Should I do a each day self-treatment?

Following accepting your attunements, I like to recommend utilizing the energies of Blissful Light Reiki as usually as potential. This can be structured every day and or as and when it feels required all through the day. The extra you’re employed with the energies, the extra the energies combine, and importantly, the extra potential you’ve gotten in gaining insights and non secular discoveries. By way of these discoveries, you could develop, develop, and transfer ahead as you’re employed with any change they might deliver you.

What attunements would you advocate contemplating following Blissful Light Reiki?

After you have labored with Blissful Light Reiki for a while, you could need to achieve extra power therapeutic expertise and development working with different modalities. If so, and also you wish to expertise totally different energies that advance what you’ve gotten already discovered, it is best to take into account Niemakaiha. Niemakaiha is a complicated modality aiming to advance additional and speed up your non secular growth and evolution.


Blissful Light Reiki is a ravishing modality for freshmen and superior practitioners alike. You must take into account Blissful Light Reiki in case your instinct guides you or if you would like a Reiki modality that honours your uniqueness and is protected and uncomplicated but superior in its software and method of working with energies.


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