Well……. I knew the Eclipses would be biggies this year, but I didn’t realise just how deeply they would impact us. The Eclipses for the next year are on the Scorpio/Taurus axis. Scorpio is the deepest part of our psyche. He holds old wounds, old emotions, things that have been hidden or that we’ve been unaware of in both ourselves & others ~ particularly around the more taboo subjects such as our shadow side, sex, life, death & rebirth. Taurus asks us to pay attention to what we value and to our levels of self worth, which link directly to how much money we can earn/keep and how much love we can give & receive in our relationships.

That’s quite a lot to be dealing with and the Universe isn’t letting up this year on ANY level. If you’re feeling a kind of ‘fated’ energy, like you’re moving at warp speed or that it’s ‘now or never’, you would be bang on the money! 2022/23 are our last chance to do the work willingly. People keep talking about the Ascension and that requires doing the work, or we won’t ascend. It really is that simple. We’ll literally be left to wallow in everything we wished we’d let go of. I don’t know about you, but that is not what my Soul is here to experience in this lifetime. Not financially, not in my relationships and not in life as a whole!

This year, Chiron & Venus connect the day before the Eclipse, on 16th May. That, to me, indicates that whatever is going to come up to be transformed is going to be triggered this coming weekend, if it hasn’t been already. Chiron is our Core Wound and Venus is how we relate to others. The Universe is bringing us the opportunity to REALLY shift our lives and to do that, we need to focus on ourselves and ONLY ourselves. It doesn’t matter what anyone else has said or done, the key to transformation is bringing that back to how it makes YOU feel.

The key to abundance, whether in money or love, lies within us.  No one external of us is coming to save us; not our parents, not our boss, not our partner, not our friends nor any establishment/authority. Our power lies within & in learning how to let go of the past, in surrendering to healing however it shows up and in managing our own inner psyche & emotions (Scorpio) from a place of maturity and stability (Taurus). 

So if you feel anything rising in you over the weekend, my advice would be to create some alone time for yourself, where you can feel into whatever is coming up & gain a greater understanding of the magnificent human being you are underneath all of the trials, traumas & tribulations you’ve experienced.

There is magic in the air ~ tap into it ~ use it ~ and find your way back to your true, authentic self. The Universe needs every single one of us owning and shining our light (Ascension) and it is doing everything it can to speed up & support us in that process. It’s simply a matter of being brutally honest with ourselves & others from a place of compassion, not judgement, fear or defence.

It’s also really important to pay attention this weekend to whatever is coming up and the main themes of ‘transformation’ in your life ~ or where you are being asked to make deep changes at this time ~ as this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse sets the stage for what we will be asked to work with over the next six months until the next set arrives in late Oct/Early Nov 2022. Any information we can journal, note down or make a note of this weekend will deeply support us in moving through the lessons & changes of the next six months with ease and grace.

As always, I am here for you if you’re struggling, confused or if you’d like to chat through anything that’s coming up for you. Please just drop me a line or give me a call.

With love, Krissy xxx


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