Introducing Part 2 in the Chakra Series:  Which Chakra needs Balancing?

Click here to read Part one:  The Science Behind Crystal Chakra Healing.

So after learning about the science behind the chakras, you might wonder…

How do I know which chakra needs balancing?

Luckily, there are several ways to identify which chakra needs balancing. 🌀

There are four primary ways that I share in my teachings ❭❭─❥─➣

1. Take a Chakra Test

There are several chakra tests available online (you can do a quick search and turn up many).  Here are a couple of options you can try right now:

It’s amazing how reliable this resource can be if you use a good one!  Take note of your results and grab a crystal that corresponds with that chakra to help restore the flow and bring it back into balance.

2.  Glaring, Physical or Emotional Issues

If there’s a striking set of physical ailments or emotional issues, sometimes you can pinpoint which chakra is imbalanced due to the condition.  Keep in mind, though, that you’re looking for a syndrome of issues here. Just one is not enough to determine that the corresponding chakra is out of balance.

Here are some examples…

  • Anxiety – as I mentioned in Part 1, feeling anxious corresponds with the Root chakra.
  • Creative Blocks – if someone is experiencing a total shutdown to creativity, that could be a Sacral chakra imbalance. This is the realm of your creative muse.
  • Low Self-Esteem – is possibly indicative of a Solar Plexus chakra issue; home to your personal power.
  • Love and Relationships – any love issues, self-love, expressing love, receiving love, or being overly needy in a romantic relationship can indicate imbalances of the Heart chakra. Physically this can be seen if someone is constantly slumping their shoulders forward, they are physically protecting their heart.
  • Expression – if someone cannot express themselves freely or has trouble being a good listener – could indicate Throat Chakra imbalances.
  • Intuition and Spirituality are connected to the Third Eye chakra.  If someone is not open to intuitive messages or shuts down both their intuition and spirituality, you guessed it, these are Third Eye issues
  • Fear of Death or Zero Connection to Source Energy – are examples of Crown Chakra blocks or imbalances

There are many great books to learn more about what each chakra governs and working with crystals and chakras. Here are a couple of good ones I go to again and again:

Vibrational Healing Through the Chakras

The Crystal Healer

3. Energy Sensing

In my Certified Crystal Practitioner Course, I teach my students’ multiple ways to sense energy.  We interactively practice techniques to increase our ability to sense energy and learn to amplify, strengthen and hone those skills. With energy sensing, you can determine if a chakra is:

  • Overactive
  • Underactive
  • There’s an energetic leak
  • Needs a slight re-tuning
  • Is blocked
  • Or is balanced

Having said that, these energy sensing techniques are too involved to get into in a blog post… it requires a lot of background knowledge and interactive demonstrations, precautions, time, and practice — we cover this in-depth in my course.

However, I will say, these chakra balancing + sensing techniques are not limited to “energetically gifted people.”

They’re available to anyone willing to make a commitment to learning, spending the time to practice, and listening to the signs.

One technique for sensing chakra energies is to work with a pendulum.  If you haven’t worked with a pendulum before, click here to read more on how to use a pendulum. 

chakra balancing | pendulumn

4. Tap into your Intuition for Chakra Balancing

When you tap into your intuition, you get an inner knowing (from various senses and picking up messages and measurements) regarding the chakra energies.

There are various ways to get an inner sense of the energy of each chakra. Some people have the gift of different types of Clair-senses:

Here’s a quick list (some of these can fit into each other, and some say there are even more than these):

  • Clairaudience – receive messages in the form of audio; sound, speaking, vocalizations
  • Clairempathy – receive messages in the form of feelings
  • Clairsentience – an inner knowing that comes from within
  • Clairvoyance – receive messages in the form of visual pictures, sights

Some people can also meditate and get intuitive hints or messages regarding the chakras. Many of our Certified Crystal Practitioner® alumni had skills that they already knew about before taking my course…

but just need some help refining, and others are completely surprised by what they’re capable of.

The thing about intuition, it’s like a muscle. If you ignore it and are not active with it, it withers, but if you work it and flex it, it grows!

Chakra Balancing Combo Time!

Let’s talk about the benefits of combining techniques.

This may appeal to you if:

  • you’re not too confident in the results
  • or you’re getting mixed signals
  • or it just doesn’t seem too clear to you

Then I recommend using two or three of the above-suggested methods to get a chakra consensus. If you get two contradictory results, try a third method and go with the majority answer.

You’ll find that over time and with practice, your abilities will grow and sharpen.  It will become easier to identify which chakras are out of balance. You may even “just know” without needing to check.

If you found that your Sacral Chakra needs some balancing, I’ve got the perfect gift for you! Submit your best email address below, and you’ll get a free download of my Sacral Chakra meditation mp3. It’s powerful crystal goodness!

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In the next segment of this Charka series blog post, I’ll cover exactly what to do with the crystals to help balance our chakras.

I hope you’re enjoying this series so far. What do you think? Pretty please tell me in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings,

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P.S. If you want to learn more from me, this is one of the many subjects we dive into in my Certified Crystal Practitioner Course, and very soon, we’ll be opening registration for my last term.  Click here to sign up for my Waitlist and be the first to know when registration is open (among other fab perks!)


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