When faced with adversity, of nearly every kind, we have to remember that that is our chance to practice all the things we’ve learned about – and wish to aspire toward – with positivity, inner happiness, gratitude, and joy.

We cannot expect to achieve Mastery in our lives – which is to embody positivity, happiness, love and joy – if we’re not willing to practice them when things get difficult.

Now, this isn’t to say that when something bad happens, you simply pretend it away. If the house is on fire, don’t be like “Oh, the flames will die down!” For real, you need to acknowledge what’s happening and get yourself to immediate safety!

That applies to practicing positivity as well. It’s extremely important that we first face whatever challenges we have in life. We all have difficulties, negative moments, ‘bad’ days or even weeks.

But as soon as we’ve taken ‘stock’ of what those challenges are – and what we need to to overcome them – it’s then critical we practice stepping up and out of the murkiness we’ve had to endure.

So if and when that happens, we should honour all those who are persevering to make those positive steps.  Reserve our judgement and remember that they too, are doing their best to practice being the master of their life.

We would never say, going back to my piano-practice scenario, that I was “faking” or “not being being a real” pianist if I persisted to hone that skill. Of course not, we’d all say, “She’s practicing“.


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