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Conichalcite has a strong action to help you when you are undergoing change in your life. It aids you to face change with courage yet assists you to know when to step back from taking action.

This green crystal has a strong heart based energy that also resonates within the solar plexus and the third eye chakra.

Place nearby during meditation to stimulate the third eye to boost psychic communication, intuition and imagination.

These stones resonate within the solar plexus heart and the third eye chakras.

This combination of heart energy with its third eye vibration helps you to think first before reacting. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click to learn more.

Please note: This is a copper based stone and if you have raw unsealed stone it is not a good idea to be handling as it may affect you badly.

I have provided this information for those who already have some. Please keep it in a sealed container, the energy will still resonate into its surroundings. 

Where Is It Found: Meaning of Conichalcite

This is an uncommon copper based stone, that has been found in England, Germany, Spain, Poland, Zaire, Chile, Australia, Mexico and the United States.

Its name comes from two Greek words, meaning lime and copper, which relates to the composition of the stone. 

Like many copper based stones, its color is various shades of green in its natural state.

It may form as compact crusts, kidney shaped botryoidal masses and sometimes as prismatic crystals.

This may vary from a bright grass green through to a lighter or yellowish green depending on the stone. When polished it may look metallic.

It may be found in the similar areas as Malachite and Azurite.

Like those stones care should be taken when using it, and you should not have ongoing continuous contact with your skin.

If you are going to make gem elixirs from this stone, you must only use the indirect method where the stone does not come in contact with the water.

Safe Use: If possible, find sealed or polished pieces of this stone, although they are not common.

 Why Would You Use It?

These green crystals have a strong resonance within the heart chakra.

They are powerful crystals for emotional healing and may be helpful at times when you are going through a relationship break-up and need help to ease a broken heart.

Like many light green stones they also stimulate the solar plexus chakra is also known as the power chakra.

The solar plexus and is well known for its action to enhance your ability to assist your awareness of your personal power.


These crystal stones help this process by their energy to combine the heart chakra with the third eye, which will aid you to stop and think before taking action.

Conichalcite also stimulates the solar plexus chakra, to aid you to embrace your personal power with a loving heart, and helps you to find solutions to problems.

Its action at the third eye helps your meditation, and may stimulate your intuition and imagination.

Use Them In Daily Meditation

These green crystals have a number of excellent ways they can benefit you if you choose to use them in regular meditation.

They have an advantageous energy that is a helpful addition to your daily meditation practice but they are best placed nearby rather than holding them.

They have a strong energy within the third eye and crown chakras and may specifically help to boost psychic communication.

Their resonance within the crown chakra aids spiritual growth and if it is kept nearby during meditation assist you to more easily travel to the higher realms.

How Will It Help You?

They have a good action as crystals for imagination, and will also assist you to develop your creativity.

Their vibration aids you to let go of the outside world and embrace the possibilities that you may glimpse in meditation.

They also create a protective shield against energetic disruption while you are deep in meditation.


They are helpful to boost psychic communication and your intuition and their strong crown chakra resonance may aid your spiritual growth.

They are known to stimulate good luck, so place them in a room where you spend the most time to aid the growth of their vibration to boost good fortune.

Who Should Use It? Healing Properties

These green stones have a number of beneficial healing properties to aid the physical body, and should only be used for crystal healing if they are not touching the body.

Note: as they are copper based stones, they should not be used on the bare skin unless they are sealed.

They embody a positive energy that may help you if your energy is scattered. If this happens place one of these stones nearby, to help you to center yourself.


This is an excellent healing stone that is effective to aid the kidneys and bladder and may help you to detoxify.

For crystal healing they make be placed around the body rather than on it and many natural practitioners place the box they are in under the table or nearby where they are working.

If you wish to use them to make a crystal elixir, purchase a bottle that keeps the stone seperate from the water.

How To Use It? My Final Thoughts

It has a strong solar plexus chakra energy to boost your personal power and may help you to establish healthy boundaries with others.

A good way to use them is in a crystal grid, and by keeping the stones in a sealed bag so their energy will still resonate into the grid.


In summary: Combine them in a grid with clear quartz crystals which will pick up nearby energy and boost it.

Use Selenite towers in the grid including as the center stone as they have a strong spiritual energy that aids spiritual growth.

Best Crystals To Use With Conichalcite

What are the best crystals to combine with Conichalcite?

Note, if you have one of these stones you can keep it in a box near to where you spend time and if you wish place quartz around the box to boost the energy.

Using these crystals with other green crystals that have a strong heart based energy may also be highly beneficial. 

Specific heart chakra stones that you may choose to use includes Tsavorite or Uvarovite Garnet as they both have a good energy to boost manifestation.

Other excellent green heart chakra stones to place nearby with them includes the green quartz Prasiolite and Green Aventurine which is also quartz based.

Both of these stones will help the energy to resonate without you needing to keep it close to your body.

These stone have an excellent energy to help you to open up your imagination and go with the flow of the energy.

Use them with other stones for imagination to help you to unlock imaginative abilities including stones such as Green Calcite, Pyrite, Goethite and Iolite.

These stones are also excellent solar plexus chakra stones that help you to allow the full expression of your personal power.

Use them with other good solar plexus stones to assist you to help you to feel confident and independent.

Stones that may be beneficial include Tigers Eye, Amber, Rutilated Quartz and Sunstone.

There are a large number of  excellent stones you can use them with, to assist you to encourage the growth of your intuitive abilities.

There are quite a few crystals listed in my article about crystals for intuition, but some crystals that may be quite helpful to combine with them for this purpose includes Wavellite, Amethyst, Azurite or Stilbite.

There are a number of other strong copper based stones that will combine well with them, and while many are green there are a number of stones in this grouping that are other colors.

Many of the copper based stones are available as tumbled stones and it is my preference to look for copper based stones that are sealed as they are safer to use.

Stones that can be used to boost this stones energy includes Shattuckite, Malachite, Covellite and Quantum Quattro. 

Quantum QuattroQuantum Quattro

More Pictures Of This Stone


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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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