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Grief can blindside us at otherwise ordinary moments. Grief is an invisible wound because all our pain is internal. Sharing these experiences can help educate others about grief. How Your Pain Helps Teach The World « Psychology Today

Grief can cause anxiety and fear; differentiating the two helps us seek appropriate coping strategies. Identifying the current level of anxiety can help you seek tools to feel relief. Becoming Comfortable With the Uncomfortable: Tools for Grief « Psychology Today

Like many bereaved mothers, you may dread Mother’s Day, as it reminds you of the child(ren) you miss so much. Embrace your identity as a mother, as one who has borne a baby or had a mothering relationship with a child. Create a ritual that feeds the mothering part of you and remember, many mothers seek respite, and you can too. In Honor of Bereaved Mothers on Mother’s Day « Psychology Today

Women who have lost their mothers say grief tends to resurface during life’s milestones on holidays like Mother’s Day. There are many kinds of support today, from the organization to the grassroots. Grief can be talked about and shared more publicly, experts say, and is acknowledged to last a long time. Daughters without moms find support in each other’s grief « Portland Press Herald

“My brother dies suddenly and no tears. I do feel really bad and miss him so much, but I think I’m blocking out the fact that he’s gone — but not sure about that. I just find it strange that I won’t cry … I’m thinking that down the road when I’m older I’ll end up having a nervous breakdown.” In Grief: Feeling Numb, Unable to Cry « Grief Healing

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