I am often asked if it is okay to have a distant attunement when feeling unwell.

Distant attunements can sometimes feel energetically supportive and help you feel calm. So, I think the question is understandable.

Unwell, in the context of this article, is what you can expect when you have a cold.

Can I Have A Distant Attunement If I’m Feeling Unwell?

Distant attunements are energetic tools that may help your spiritual development. They may also help you relax and feel more grounded and energetically balanced.

Therefore, in most cases, you can have a distant attunement when feeling unwell.

However, this only means in some circumstances. There are considerations with pros and cons that you should balance before making up your mind. There are also times when you should not accept an attunement.

I recommend waiting until you feel better unless the distant attunement is required for spiritual work you think can’t wait. It is usually best to wait and then pick up again when you feel better.

You will be better able to respond to energetic shifts that require your focus and intention. Use the downtime to reassess your spiritual development. Think about things that require your focus and take action when you are well.

There are pros and cons to having a distant attunement when feeling unwell. Here are some main points to help you be more aware and make an informed decision.


Support recovery (calm): Distant attunements and Reiki are often felt as calming and grounding. They also may adjust your energies to be more balanced and function more optimally (depending on the distant attunement you choose).

Energetic detox: Usually, when you are feeling unwell, you are already drinking liquids, fasting, or eating healthy. This practice may help bring about a deeper clearing and cleansing of your energies when working with distant attunements.

Distant attunements may help support energetic detox alongside eating healthily when unwell.

Raise your vibration: When your vibration is high, the more potential you have for clearing non-serving energies. It may also help bring you into energetic alignment and boost overall energetic protection. Many distant attunements may help raise your vibration.

Gain new spiritual insights while resting: Distant attunement may help bring to the surface things that may need your attention to resolve. When you are unwell, you are often forced to stop and get lots of rest. 

Develop an action plan: While resting, you have an ideal time to plan an action plan to resolve anything that requires your focus. You may want to create an action plan that includes specific attunements to assist you.


Takes longer: All aspects of having a distant attunement may take longer. This may include preparation, acceptance, and activation. Gaining spiritual insights and spiritual development may take longer, too. This is usually due to not feeling well enough to have the required focus and intention. It can also be more challenging to remember your insights.

Missed spiritual discoveries: If you forget an insight, you may miss a spiritual discovery. This is also true if you are too unwell to have consistent focus. Sometimes, it is best to sleep and not force focus and concentration, which means working with attunements may not be suited.

Not feeling or sensing the energies: When you are unwell, it can be far more difficult to feel the energies. This is partly due to the symptoms you may be experiencing (e.g., headaches or body aches). Or the energies flow differently when you are unwell, making them feel different from usual or as expected.

Doubt you accepted the attunement properly: If you take the attunement when unwell, it can cause doubt, or you may question whether you received the attunement correctly. This is due to the abovementioned reason (not feeling or sensing energies).

Create non-serving intention (uncertainty and positivity): Distant attunements are directed by your intention. Intention is an essential element of all energy healing. If you have any doubt about whether you received the attunement, how the energies feel, or whether you are unable to connect with your higher self, this can create a negative intention. This negative intention may block spiritual growth and spiritual insights and discoveries.

Not hearing spiritual support: Depending on how unwell you feel, it can be challenging to hear your higher self. It can also be far more difficult to connect with your spiritual support team and guides, and it can also be difficult to be certain of the messages you receive.

not hearing your spiritual support and higher self

Being unwell makes connecting with spiritual support and your higher self more challenging.

There is a lot to consider when deciding to have a distant attunement when feeling unwell. In most cases, it is best to work with the distant attunements you are already attuned to rather than having a new distant attunement.

Can The Distant Attunement Make Me Feel Worse?

When you accept a distant attunement, you receive energy. These energies may raise your vibration, expand your channels, and start an energetic clearing. This process may result in non-serving energies being removed and replaced with positive energy.

Energetic clearing, cleansing, transmutation, and movement of energy can sometimes be uncomfortable or cause a slight cold-like feeling. This is usually not bad, and feels like you are starting a cold or feeling off or out of balance. It does not last long and is generally mild.

However, these cold-like symptoms may be intensified when you are feeling unwell.

When You Should Not Have A Distant Attunement

Distant attunements do not replace medical care and diagnosis. Never accept a distant attunement to replace medical care.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, being unwell is what you can expect when you have a cold. You should not have a distant attunement with any other significant illness or when feeling unwell unless you have been to your doctor.

Distant attunements require a reasonable level of energetic balance. Being unwell and unbalanced, especially emotionally and mentally, will make it very challenging to work with distant attunements. This is because you must have consistent focus and strong, focused intentions.

Any reality disturbances and extremes in thoughts, emotions, energetic fluctuations, etc., will make a consistent positive-focused intention impossible. If this is the case, you should not have a distant attunement.

Only consider a distant attunement once you are balanced and under medical care. Having appropriate expectations is essential when working with distant attunements.

Final Thoughts

While I recommend waiting until you feel better as a rule of thumb, having a distant attunement when feeling unwell is usually fine.

You will gain spiritual discoveries if you approach all decisions and experiences (good or bad) as learning opportunities. Just ensure you understand when distant attunements are not recommended.


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