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Vanadinite is an excellent crystal for writers who want to get a lot done.

It stimulates you mentally and helps you to improve your energy levels and aids you to achieve your goals.

When the high level of creative energy from this stone fills your auric field, this will aid your self expression and help you to be more effective.

Sleeping with a piece in your bedroom helps you to awaken feeling energized, and will help you to be ready to get on with arranging your day’s activities.


It promotes thrift, so if you have a tendency to overspend they might be good healing crystals for you to use to help you. 

This is a marvelous stone to help you to get things done. It is especially helpful when you have a big workload ahead as it stimulates your creativity and prompts action.

It is an excellent healing stone that is said to be good for breathing difficulties such as asthma or other lung problems, and it aids fatigue by giving you extra energy.

Where Is It From? Vanadinite Meaning

It is in the Apatite family of stones, and is a mixture of a number of
minerals including Vanadium, which it was named for. It also may contain
other minerals such as lead, oxygen and chlorine.

Due to the fact that some of the minerals contained within these crystals are known to be toxic, and these may or may not be bound up inside the crystal even if it is sealed.

Please read my page on using your crystals sensibly. Do not use to make elixirs unless using the indirect method where the stone does not come in contact with the water.

This stone is found in Morocco, New Mexico and Arizona in the united States. It forms in beautiful bright prismatic crystals that are quite eye-catching.

Its color may be ruby red, orange, orange red, yellow, yellow brown or red brown.

Why Would You Use Vanadinite?

If you are a writer or do any type of creative endeavor, Vanadinite will help you to take the action required to do what is needed to achieve your aims.

It is well known for its action to aid writers block, and it stimulates you mentally, and helps you to carry out orderly planning of your day’s activities.

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It helps you to feel more organized, and its energy assists you to manage your life better.

It connects you down to the earth star chakra energy, which helps you to totally ground yourself physically.

This aids you to achieve what you want to get done, and to get on with what is required to reach your aims.

This strong vibration allows you to connect to elemental forces and beings in the earth realms in a very grounded, methodical and organized way.

This stone has a broad range of functions within the chakras below the heart. Its depth of power at the base or root chakra helps to create a strong resolve.

It gives you drive and determination, along with the vitality needed to sustain you while taking action.

How Will It Help You?

This brightly colored stone vibrates strongly at the sacral chakra, creating an excellent vibration for enhancing your creativity.

This is combined with a strong spiritual grounding action that brings you down to earth and helps you to be more practical about how to get it done.

Vanadinite also stimulates you mentally, as it has a strong vibration within the third eye.

This helps you to think more clearly about your aims and creates a powerful action to aid you spiritually.

Via the crown chakra, it brings through a powerful spiritual energy that promotes deep peace within you.

Vanadinite Helps Writers BlockVanadinite Helps Writers Block

The third eye
is a very spiritual area, and is related to the birth of a number of
psychic gifts. 

If your work is related to any psychic area, this stone
may aid you to be more creative in how you achieve what you want to get

It promotes thrift, so if you have a tendency to overspend
this might be a good stone to use to help you to curb that proclivity.

It is not known as a stone that will specifically help you to develop psychic powers.

But if you go into meditation with an aim in mind of achieving a specific outcome regarding developing your psychic abilities, it will help you to stay focused on that aim. 

It also is a strong grounding stone so you will come out of meditation without feeling spaced out.

Who Should Use It?

This stone promotes thrift, so if you have a tendency to overspend this might be a good stone for you to use. It is a favorable crystal to aid writers who wish to get more done.


Vanadinite stimulates creativity and impetus towards action and sharpens your thinking.

It is known to help to increase your energy, and to assist you to achieve your goals and may may help those who are dealing with problems related to aging.

When the increase of creative energy that resonates from this stone fills your aura, this will aid your self expression and help you to be more effective.

It is an excellent healing stone in a number of ways including aiding breathing difficulties such as asthma and other lung problems and it boosting your energy.

How To Use It

It may be helpful to learn meditation techniques if you are not familiar with meditation, as this stone is an excellent aid to use in meditation. 


Using this stone may help you to create a meditation that will assist you to gain a greater depth of clarity about what you wish to achieve.

Vanadinite helps you to stop the pesky thoughts that go round and round and may interrupt you in meditation. 

It is a third eye chakra stone, so will stimulate the pineal gland where psychic gifts originate.

It will also help you to create an ’empty mind’ or alternatively to use your time during meditation to move your psychic abilities further.

It has an excellent healing action within the solar plexus also known as the power chakra and sacral or navel chakra to aid any type of hormonal imbalances.


This may also aid you if you are going through problems related to aging, such as during menopause and it is said to aid dysfunctions of the bladder.

It is a good stone to help to protect you from the radiation given off by computer screens or other electronic equipment, so this is another reason to keep it close by.

Vanadinite is an excellent healing stone, that is said to be good for
breathing difficulties such as asthma or other lung problems.

Best Crystals To Use With Vanadinite

What are the best crystals to combine with Vanadinite?

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, if you use it in meditation, this stone aids you to focus on your aims regarding psychic development. 

So it may be advantageous to combine this stone with crystals that aid you with developing psychic gifts

Specific stones you may choose to use may be Labradorite, Gem Silica, Magnesite and Blue Apatite.

Gem SilicaGem Silica

By using it in meditation with any of the strong psychic communication stones, it may help you to better understand your specific psychic abilities and to get answers about how to utilize your gifts.

Specific stone you could choose includes Iolite, Blue Dumortierite, Rainbow Moonstone or Lapis Lazuli.

Many of the psychic communication stones are third eye chakra stones, and it may be combined successfully with any of these chakra stones.

Vanadinite works well combined with any of the solar plexus chakra stones to stimulate that area, and to enhance its action to aid you to manifest money

Crystals you might choose for this purpose includes Yellow Labradorite, Orange Zincite, Citrine or Peridot.

They are useful crystals for aging and may assist you if you need help with dealing with age related problems.

But if you particularly have issues with the aging process, you might like to also use other anti-aging crystals to help you to deal better with this time.

Other crystals for aging that will combine well with these stones includes Tunellite, Augite, Okenite and Mookaite Jasper. 

If you wish to enhance your creativity you may choose to use it with sacral chakra stones, such as Peach Aventurine, Crocoite,  Sunstone, Orange Creedite, Orange Calcite, Orange Carnelian or Sphalerite.

Peach AventurinePeach Aventurine

Use it with Tiger Iron to boost your energy levels, and for a deeper meditation experience use it with Sunstones, Mariposite or Creedite.


Use it with earth chakra stones, such as Black Amethyst, Black Agate, Axinite or Iron Pyrite to assist your energy, and to keep you grounded.

Black AgateBlack Agate

It will also combine well with or base or root chakra stones such as Bloodstone, Flint, Black Spinel or Suleiman.


More Pictures Of Vanadinite

Vanadinite Crystal Meaning & UseVanadinite Crystal Meaning & Use

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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