About Linklight

Some background information about Linklight. 

This domain has been active since 1995 when it was created with the idea of bringing Light into the Internet to oppose the darkness within the net.  It became a directory site with links to multiple different kinds of ways to find the Light.  Then Google changed their algorithms and overnight all traffic stopped.  And the domain has been dormant since then.

With the current Corona situation, it occurred to me that it is time to bring Light back to the planet, and there are millions of people stuck at home with time on their hands and so we would have time to connect and bring the light back to the planet as a massive group.

For many many years, the planet has slowly been taken over by dark forces and the few people who control the world have been doing this for personal gain and power.  They control the large corporations, the various governments of the world, and the media to spread their message.  Those in the know were slowly trying to wake people up, but part of the plan was to dumb people down so they were no longer capable of thinking logically, and they were inundated with game shows, reality TV and other activities that keep them quiet.  So we were getting nowhere.  But in the last few years the message was slowly getting across, and lo and behold, suddenly YouTube, FaceBook and others started to remove content that was not “approved” so again it became difficult to educate those who wanted to know.  And it has become a battle to stay ahead.

Now the situation has totally changed.  Whether you believe this or not, the virus was created and spread to bring down the world economy so that it could be started again with the elites in total control with a one-world corrupt government, and a single cashless society with one currency, and in the process, those leaders who were more on the side of the Light could be removed from their positions where the dark forces were being hampered in their plans.  So we are all suddenly, and with no warning confined to our homes with time to spare.

Now these dark forces actually use black magic and use it to control and influence.  There is a spiritual law that says that if even a dark force is about to do anything really bad, then those who are going to be affected have to be told in advance.  And this is constantly happening through films and cartoons, especially The Simpsons.  Mostly we do not know the meaning of the warnings until after they have happened, and even when some brave people try to tell us what is going on, then they are killed or shamed from any kind of position of power by slander and other means.  So we seem to be stuck.

However, we are definitely not stuck.  There are potentially just a few hundred of these evil people at the top of the tree, and perhaps several thousand lower down doing their bidding, but like in the French Revolution, there are millions more of us than there are of them.  And even if a small handful of those wanting to get rid of evil became active in bringing in Light then we will succeed in doing that and totally reverse the current situation.

How to do this?   The simple answer is to have a lot of people acting together with the same intent.  Intent being the operative word.  Regardless of how we have got to where we are, there is a virus present on the planet, and it is killing people, and frightening the life out of people.  Because of this, we are being asked to stay at home and we are apparently powerless.  In fact, the opposite is true.  People have the time and the inclination to make a change and those of us who understand where I am coming from will get this very quickly.  We are all beings of Light, call it what you like, but within us and around us we have what some people call soul energy.  Again there are many different ways of understanding this and many different words, but as human beings, we have a physical body which is made of matter and finite, but we also have our soul which is immortal and if you like just pure Love.

What we need to do is to get in touch with this soul energy as a group, and like going to a church, or temple or mosque, when a lot of people pray together the power is increased.  But most of the time there is no co-ordinated intent at the time. My intention is to create a way of co-ordinating thousands of people to have just one simple intent.  That intent is to flood the world with Divine Light to flush out all those evil people, and hopefully, at human level bring them to justice, and also to override the power of the black magic they use and at the same time negate the effect of the virus by either burning it out of existence with Light or finding a powerful and instant cure.   That will eliminate the fear and allow the planet to get back to near normal.  But now with a huge difference.  Having brought in this Divine light with a simple process then that Light will stay here and change the consciousness of all souls on Earth.   And instead of incarcerating people or punishing them in other ways, we as a large or small group, can connect with this massive Divine Light and flood those who are working at a lower level and they will change.  Our whole purpose of being on this planet is a massive learning experience on how to return to the Divine realms of pure Love.  Like the parable of the prodigal son, we are in the process of deciding to return to our Father’s house.  What follows it the tool to do it.

Understand the process.

First, we need to understand that as spiritual beings with a soul we are linked to each and every person on the planet.  And every thought or action we make affects not only ourselves, but everyone we are connected to, either directly or indirectly.  And according to the laws of karma, or as Jesus said, “what you sow you reap” every action has its rewards which either benefit out spiritual growth or hinder it, and there is no escape at all.  So working now for the benefit of the planet is working for positive strokes or karma, but on the other hand, it needs to be done unconditionally as well.  It can become complicated to explain so please just accept that everything you do has an impact on the whole planet.  Imagine if I stuck a pin in your arm, your whole body would jerk at the effect.  And yet there may not be the slightest sign of any damage.  And it goes further.  We are not only linked to each other but we are connected to every living organism on the planet, and also linked to the planet Earth.  So if we harm anyone or anything at some level we are harming ourselves.  If everyone really understood this what a different planet we would be living on!  And it goes further, our bodies have within them swirling energies that follow the patterns of the planets and solar system, so we are also connected to the solar system.  And the solar system is connected to our galaxy, and our galaxy is connected to others and eventually the whole universe, and our universe is connected to other unseen and unknown universes.  So you are a universal being, and perhaps if we call the entire universal structure God, or Allah or whatever you want to call it, then maybe we can understand who we are.  We are divine beings all connected to each other.  And so if you want to change the world, first change yourself.   Then that effect will affect those around you and then spread to those that are affected and so on, much like the current virus, but there is no self-isolation, there is no escape.  And finally one more bit of understanding, and that is we can travel anywhere in the universe in an instant.  You can try this yourself.  Relax, shut your eyes and imagine that you are close to the sun, unharmed and not affected by the heat, and you can look back and see the Earth.  Then come back.  You can do this in seconds or instantly.  Yet it would have taken light 18 minutes to travel to the Sun and back!

With that bit of preparation let us now proceed to change the world for the better and keep it that way.

The first thing to be aware of is that it is not necessary to follow what I am suggesting exactly, it is the intent of what we are doing that matters.  And different people like to do things in different ways to suit themselves.  Regular meditators, for example, may want to sit as they normally do, and others may want to lie down, or perhaps you just want to sit in a chair and shut your eyes and then follow on.  Whatever way you want to join in is up to you.  You can make a big ceremony of it, with candles and incense, or just do it quickly wherever you are.  I suggest that initially if you have never done anything like this that you follow the exercise below and get the idea of what we are doing.  Once you have had a bit of practice, then you will be able to instantly link to everyone just by the intention of doing that.  This is where we want to arrive at.  And we can reach that state almost instantly by anchoring this place we are going to go to with a symbol.  And what came to mind is that if we get to this place where we are all linked together then if we make a symbol of a heart with both hands, then we can use this symbol as a greeting to others, and also if we come across anyone doing bad things, create the symbol and ask them to be bathed in Love and Light.  Try it, you will be amazed at the results.


I am also going to suggest that you link to this network four times a day.  If you have the time then go through the process I am going to take you through now.  But once you have done it a few times, at regular six-hour intervals make your heart symbol and ask that your Light links with everyone else’s Light and we blanket all darkness with Light and transmute it.  If we all do that from our different parts of the world, then it will be continuously bathed in Light and the world can be transformed.  Those of us who are living on this planet are extremely privileged to be here to witness and to help with the massive change of consciousness that this opportunity has given us.

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