Look at the planet and what we are doing to it.

Come on an unusual journey with us now.

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What is a Tardis?  A very long-running BBC programme called Dr Who which is about a time traveller who travels in the Tardis, that looks like an old fashioned police box on the outside from the time of the first series, but on entering it becomes very large.


3 thoughts on “Look at the planet and what we are doing to it.

  1. I loved being inside your consciousness seeing everything from your view, which is also my own view of things. I’ve listened to several of your excellent meditations and each time, I am aware that I am being guided by someone of extraordinary level of consciousness who carries a galactic view. This is different from any I’ve ever experienced before. Your meditations are powerful, delightful, healing, and informative – and full of love. In this one, when you referred to beings who are here at this time who are doing harm, I immediately thought of a few who I’ve struggled with. And then in the same sentence you said we need to send them our love and forgiveness and I realized that this is exactly what I most need to devote myself to doing. And I have already started. Thank you so very much for your healing meditations, especially at this time. You are leading the way into a place where we are headed but it seems you are already there. My husband listened to this with me tonight and afterwards, I said, “What did you think?” My husband answered, “I feel a great kinship with Chris.” I asked how. He said, “The way he thinks, his thoughts, values, outlook, everything.” Please keep up the great work! We need you!

    1. Dear Shannon,
      With those beautiful comments, you really encourage me to continue, and it has been your inspiration that has inspired me to create these videos.
      Without your influence, this may never have been created. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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