Magnesium chloride bath flakes offer a highly effective, calming topical magnesium application
Dissolved in warm water, our magnesium bath flakes contain pure, highly soluble magnesium chloride
Better for you than Epsom salt. Magnesium chloride has more purity and is better for the body

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Magnesium chloride tub flakes supply a extremely efficient, calming topical magnesium utility
Dissolved in heat water, our magnesium tub flakes include pure, extremely soluble magnesium chloride
Higher for you than Epsom salt. Magnesium chloride has extra purity and is best for the physique
Our mildest utility, tub flakes are perfect for kids and people with delicate pores and skin
Magnesium tub flakes calm down and restore the physique, encourage wholesome pores and skin, promote restful sleep
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes of pure real zechstein chloride resealable magnesium bag that can outperform main epsom salts (1.65 lb)

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