SPIRITUAL CLEANSING: Use our sage smudging kit to perform a spiritual cleanse when moving into a new home, room or office. Use kit to create positive energy if you find yourself in a tense or negative mood, or for meditation, spiritual awareness or as a smudging kit for a home blessing.
WHITE SAGE: With strong aromatic properties white sage is used in traditional cleansing rituals to drive away negative energy, bad dreams, negative influences and sickness. Includes 4” bundles.

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Instructions For Use:

    • 1) Gentle sage, put out flame and place over shell for security and as a information all through the room.
    • 2) Begin from the left facet of the door and keep to the left as you progress by means of the realm being cleansed whereas saying a prayer asking for constructive power.
    • 3) When smudging carry the sage to every nook of the room.
    • 4) Pay homage to the cardinal instructions, east, west, north, south.
    • 5) As soon as you come to the door shoot the smoke out to take away unfavourable power.
    • 6) If smudging one other individual use smudge on self first, provide constructive intention or prayers.

SPIRITUAL CLEANSING: Use our sage smudging package to carry out a religious cleanse when transferring into a brand new house, room or workplace. Use package to create constructive power if you end up in a tense or unfavourable temper, or for meditation, religious consciousness or as a smudging package for a house blessing.
WHITE SAGE: With sturdy fragrant properties white sage is utilized in conventional cleaning rituals to drive away unfavourable power, dangerous desires, unfavourable influences and illness. Consists of 4” bundles.

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