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HANDMADE SPIRITUAL GIFT: Not all smudge kits are created equally. In addition to using the highest quality crystals and essential oils possible, I bless and cleanse each cord-cutting kit before it is shipped to you. Each selenite stick is charged overnight under the light of the full moon and four kilos of smoky quartz and black tourmaline supercharge each batch of moonwater used in this recipe. Tumbled black tourmaline and clear quartz crystals are added to each spray bottle for additional potency.

UPGRADED TRIGGER SPRAYER: Due to some clogging issues with quartz crystals getting stuck in our original sprayers I have upgraded to the best quality sprayer on the market today and the new sprayers work beautifully. Every purchase also includes fast and free replacements or refunds.

PURE ESSENTIAL OILS:The smudging spray is made with Frankincense, Sage, Rosemary, Lemon and Cedarwood pure essential oils. These herbs have a long tradition of being used to clear negative energy and attachments. The scent is bright and soothing with lemon and frankincense balanced by the earthy, woodsy low notes of rosemary, sage and cedar. It will last for months, unlike quickly burning sage bundles

CORD CUTTING MIST: Spray this shielding energy cleansing spray a few times over your head while holding an intention that any attachments that don’t serve your highest good be released. Use the Selenite wand to slice any negative energetic cords attached to your etheric body. Visualize a shield of healing light surrounding you, protecting you from any future unwanted attachments. Enhances meditation, massage, Reiki healing, tarot reading, Wiccan spell casting or any spiritual or emotional release practice.

Thank you for supporting my small handmade shop! I wish you light and love on your spiritual path.

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