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Surrounded by blue skies and sunshine with the ocean as our backdrop, these two barefoot routines develop balance, coordination, strength, endurance, but overall, a sense of well-being, enjoyment, and energy! The true key to long-lasting results and benefits of exercise lies with consistency and including workouts like these into your regular plan can help you achieve and maintain your goals over the long term.

This floor-work free program contains two complete sessions:

Session #1: Fusion Strength (47 Minutes) – Sculpt and build functional strength and stamina while staying in the aerobic zone with the freeing range of motion of light weights and high reps. A set of hand weights (between 2 – 8 lbs, depending on level) is recommended for this routine.

Session #2: Flow Cardio (35 Minutes) – Let go of the idea that every workout has to be all-out effort, all the time — this flowing LISS (lower intensity, steady state) cardio session helps build cardiovascular endurance, improve circulation, burn fat and balance out the stress of high-intensity training on the body.

Approx. Total Run Time: 82 Minutes

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