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I loved the film “I Do Not Heal, God is the One Who Heals”. I actually had the same feeling of Divine Love while watching it as I did while in the presence of John of God.

—Wayne Dyer, PhD., author of the Power of Intention and 29 other books

John of God, a psychic medium, does extraordinary spiritual healing. See the insider’s view of his work narrated by a “daughter of his House” and produced by an award-winning documentary filmmaker.

Since 1960 John of God has been helping people who come to him in Brazil to heal from AIDS, cancer, and every kind of emotional and/or physical disorder—-all at no charge.

People come from all over the world to consult with him. The vast majority have profound spiritual experiences. Some receive their healing through meditation and prayer, others through psychic or etheric surgery-a small percent choose a physical intervention. Those having physical surgeries do not experience pain, and there is little bleeding. Numbers of physicians have studied John’s work, and reported on its authenticity.

“For thousands of years the priesthood held and carried the Way. It is now time to share the ancient mystical knowledge, so that everyone may benefit.” – Native American Elders

John of God shares his knowledge through the healing protocols at his center: drinking blessed water, eating blessed soup, purifying oneself in a sacred waterfall, receiving energy through crystals, sharing fraternity in community, meditating and praying.

Although John incorporates and channels spirits, he says, “My mission is to respect God”. His message is ecumenical, and he generously extends himself to everyone who comes to him: all races, all cultures and all religions, rich and poor.

The relationship between spirituality and wellness is made clear. The importance of addressing possession and exorcism is illuminated. Viewers experience what happens when you consult John of God at his center in Brazil, the Casa de Dom Ignacio.

Narrator: Emma Bragdon, PhD. (psychology) has been deeply engaged with ancient spiritual practices for 40 years. She has been researching metaphysics in Brazil since 2001. She is the author of four books, “Spiritual Alliances,” about John of God, “Kardec’s Spiritism”, about spiritualist centers in Brazil, “Spiritism and Mental Health” and “Resources for Extraordinary Healing”. She has been a guide for people seeking healing from John of God since 2001 and also leads health professionals on special tours to visit Spiritist Hospitals in Brazil.

Laurance Rockefeller provided the seed money for this film project.

50% of the proceeds from sale are being donated to the Casa de Dom Ignacio to maintain its healing sanctuary.

For more information: http://www.johnofgodfilm.com/

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