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HALF PRICE! Please share this program with anyone who needs some gentle mind-body exercise. Relax and stay healthy. Deep breathing relieves your stress, calming your mind and body on a cellular level, and immediately boosts your immune response.

Learn Qigong Exercises for Cancer Prevention and Healing with Helen Liang, who used these same exercises to heal herself of terminal cancer. Beginner-friendly DVD. No prior experience needed. Stimulate your natural healing with simple qigong movements and deep breathing. “Qigong for Cancer” is an easy, follow-along workout for beginners. Master HELEN LIANG, a cancer survivor herself, guides you through a series of gentle moves to gradually stimulate your body’s natural healing. You may modify the exercises for a seated or lying down position as needed. Commonly taught in major hospitals, Qigong is a series of simple stretches and deep breathing exercises used to help improve your recovery. Qigong can STIMULATE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM, reduce pain, improve your sleep, and help you to feel better. Master Helen teaches with easy-to-follow instructions with mirror view demonstrations from side to side. The American Cancer Society and other major institutions advocate physical activity for cancer patients and survivors. QIGONG FOR CANCER will empower you to feel more energized and peaceful. This program can be used for prevention, or during any stage of your recovery. Learn to oxygenate your entire body on a cellular level. Relieve Qi stagnation from your body and mind. Qigong increases your circulation without “burning” energy. Modern cancer studies show that exercise and meditation are beneficial and should be practiced daily to speed recovery and improve your daily quality of life. 20 years ago, Master Helen was told her had three weeks to live. In this DVD, she shares the exercises she used to recover from terminal cancer. New BESTSELLER 2019.

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